Sunday, February 12, 2006

Who's the Daddy?

American tv is just mental. We caught a fair bit of it in the late afternoons when we had run out of money for the day. There's a lot of Jerry Springer style shows, Maury, Oprah, Judge Joe Brown. My highlight was a Maury show - "I am testing a man to see if he is the father of my baby". Only thing was, he was the 10th man (yes the 10TH!!!) this lady had dragged on national tv to do a paternity test on. And they showed clips of the previous 9 shows, when the men were declared not to be the daddy she threw herself to the floor and wailed and screamed. The 10th man was not the daddy. Lady declared herself to be "cursed". How many men could she have been sleeping with in a month?! She thought she was just unlucky!! Now it is very difficult to get pregnant when you're trying, the window of opportunity is very small every month. This woman must have been riding them like no-one's business. And no-one thought to tell her that maybe, just perhaps, she should have kept her legs shut?! The poor 10 men that were humiliated on tv and screamed at for not being the daddy were the ones who got the grilling. She was treated like a poor unfortunate woman who had been badly treated. I suppose they want her back for the next 10 paternity tests. Dirty old tart!!

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