Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Cyclists of Essex. If you decide to ride hell for leather down a subway where bikes are clearly not allowed (cleverly demonstrated by the big red signs at either end) do not be surprised if you get a mouthful when almost running over a buggy and small child. People are not expecting you to come up behind them at speed, and so will not handily move over for you and pick up small children to avoid them being run over. And you will not win the argument. So there.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This one clearly isn't on commission...

"I just received your renewal quote for breakdown cover. You want £45. It is £28 online and your rival also charges £28"

"We can't match that, I can bring it down to £30.21 though"

"How random. Just for that I am going to your competitor instead"


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And I will always love your money...

I just saw a clip of old Whitney in concert on the news. Jesus. Who on earth could say she was "brilliant" as one lady leaving the gig said?! And which money making underling decided she was fit to do concerts? My sister-in-law is going to one of her gigs and it weren't cheap. I would demand my money back and compensation if I had to sit through that, but then I would have if she was on form, The Darkness she ain't :)


I have noticed a new phenomenon recently. Skips. Back in the day, you hired a skip, and then spent every night paranoid that someone was going to fill it with all their crap, so you'd put a tarp on it, and hopefully fill it to the brim before the cover of darkness brought out the cheeky neighbours and their broken lawnmowers. But no more. Our neighbour has a skip, and literally every new day brings yet another transit van and someone fishing through the contents for things to take. The skip started out full and is half empty now, the good stuff is long gone but people keep looking! I might ask her if I can stick our broken crap in it now she has room, it definitely wouldn't stay in there long! There must be money in cruising round examining skips the amount of people doing it, I might stick the kids in the car and go on a forage myself :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cookery for glamour pusses...

I've been watching the new Sophie Dahl cookery program and it is the most bizarre thing. You find yourself watching it but after about five minutes you realise you have absolutely no idea what she is cooking but her kitchen is beautiful, she is wearing a lovely frock, and everything she cooks looks lovely! It's like food porn. I spent ages wishing I had her kitchen, then I realised it must be a studio - I always get fooled, I thought Nigella actually let a film crew in her house for ages, but Sophie's "kitchen" is much nicer, kooky pots and pans, little antiques, she uses antique looking cups to beat her eggs in...and apparently she stuffs her face with shepherds pies and cakes and stays very thin and glamorous too. I want her life! And Delia and Nigella must be kicking themselves!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Who? What?

A sign that me and Mr Babs are SO out of it these days. We have been watching American Idol, but thanks to the miracle of recordable tv we have been fastforwarding all the ads and the rubbish bits (ie most of it!). I pressed play just when things were looking interesting to hear Ryan Seacrest announce "and here is a world premiere, we are so privileged blah blah blah ... it's Diddy Dirty Money!!!"

Me and Mr Babs looked at each other, I said "I've never heard of Diddy Dirty Money, must be a new band" and we both looked on in bemusement for about 2 minutes until we realised it was actually one time Puff Daddy, then Puff Diddy, then P Diddy, and now apparently just Diddy and the song was called Dirty Money!


Wednesday, April 07, 2010

And then...

I told Littl'un to stop jumping off the sofa today, he'd hurt himself. He did as he was told, got down off the sofa but then he planted his feet down, put his hands on his hips, and said "oh for fuck's sake!" and looked really aggrieved. Whilst trying not to laugh I told him he shouldn't talk like that and tried to change the subject.

I just hope he doesn't come out with that at school! And I have no idea where he picked that fruity phrase up from! We must have passed some navvies one day in Sainsburys...

All righty then...

Littl'un was playing with his cousin today. We weren't really paying that much attention to them, two 3 year olds playing together. Then we heard them giving each other pretend beers and then driving in pretend cars.

"You shouldn't drink and drive" someone told them.

"We're not drinking beer, we're smoking!" announced the cousin.

Oh that's alright then...