Friday, April 29, 2005

Oh it's too sunny for a good moan

You know, it's funny how a bit of sunshine can make the world seem so much nicer. My original gripe that has driven me and all the people who know me to distraction is still ongoing, but today I can see the funny side. In brief, weeks and weeks ago I set up a joint account with my lovely husband with a popular high street bank (though not so popular with me anymore but I digress...). Anyway, I have yet to receive a bank card and I can't get to my wages to spend my money on books or ANYTHING AT ALL. I have spent the last few weeks in and out of said bank to no avail and wound myself up to a complete state of mentalness. However, today I can see that said bank are doing me a favour by providing a savings account that works marvellously as I can't get drawn into bookshops or the evils of internet shops, and as I can't buy food either it's doing marvels for my figure :-)

You see, looking at it that way is much better.
But if I knew how to, I would start a counter up on this site for how many days I have been without a card. I think so far it's 35 and counting. Banks of the world, take heed. I am coming to get you.
On the positive side, this weekend is supposed to be a belter and this means I can do lots of FREE things (get my point yet?!). So I'll be dragging said husband to the park, window-shopping if it isn't too painful, sitting in the garden - or indeed a beer garden - hey do you think he'll buy me a beer? I suppose I could always busk for a while to raise some funds ...

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Well isn't this lovely?

Hurrah! I can finally vent my spleen and various musings on the unsuspecting wider world. Not that I moan all the time you understand, in fact most of the time I'm quite cheery. But I have had a run of bad luck recently and my poor long-suffering friends are probably sick to the back teeth of me griping at them, so thanks to my wonderful friend Lady Librarian I have been introduced to the joys of blogging.

Oh and aren't you pleased?

I tell you, this is going to save me years of therapy!