Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Christmas comedown

I've got the January blues already. It seems like I spent SO long preparing for Christmas, this year I made cards, decorations, mince pies, sorted all the presents, food etc etc and it's all over so quickly. I even managed to squeeze in making a blanket for Miss S's imminent arrival. Christmas Eve was possibly the excitedest I've ever been since childhood. Baby Babs is old enough now to get it (kind of) and one of our neighbours dressed up as Father Christmas and brought him a present, and we got the egg nog out and watched the Polar Express and Toy Story and it was honestly one of the days that I will remember for years. Christmas Day was nice, but a bit of a come down. Baby Babs liked ripping paper off presents more than what was actually in them, and we had a moment trying to put together a train track with Baby Babs ripping bits off as they were constructed until he had to be removed from the room. Kids toys eh? I now know what my parents went through and they had 3 kids to keep happy.

And now I sit here wondering why the Christmas tree is still up and should I take it down tomorrow or leave it till the weekend? And everything is a bit flat. I need a new project! Luckily Baby Babs handily has his 2nd birthday at the end of January so that will take January up! More card making, present buying, why it's almost like Christmas!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes...

Whenever Mr Babs lets off a not so sneaky fart, Baby Babs very proudly announces "Daddy - poo poo!". He also now announces when he does them. "Baby - poo poo!". It's funny indoors, but imagine if we were out at a restaurant...

Friday, December 05, 2008

End of an era

This week two of my childhood institutions have gone down in flames. First the demise of Woollies, which was great for pick and mix and random things when you were young. Now Sir Terry (though I would think about rescinding the Sir, maam) has quit the Eurovision!! Terry! No!!! How could he? And leave us with Graham Norton?! Though to be fair, Graham did do the Eurovision Dance Contest and wasn't too bad, so he will definitely be better than John Barrowman who is presenting everything else that is slightly camp. But does this signal the end of the Eurovision too? And what do we do if it is?!