Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sorry England!

It appears the England debacle at the World Cup was all my fault. Not because the players are ridiculously paid in the Premier League, lauded like mini gods, and so don't give two hoots about playing for England, and were already off on their expensive holidays in their heads. No. I didn't see Mr Babs' Lucky England Pants where they had been discarded on the bedroom floor from the last game, and so they weren't washed and ready in time for the game. Neither did I put the boys in their England kits (it was the hottest day of the year, they were practically naked).

I did not realise I had these powers to affect the result of such things. Next time I will act accordingly. Sorry England.

Monday, June 21, 2010


We just got a new local museum in town which I was quite excited about going to see. It just opened the other month, and today I told Littl'un I'd take him this week. Then I saw the opening times and admission details . And they are only charging £2.50 to go in!! I suppose I am used to the museums in London that don't charge, but really, they have two little rooms of things dug up in the area, and if they are charging, you are really only going to go once aren't you? A contribution box would be better, at least you would chuck in your small change everytime you went. It's not quite the British Museum, I think I'll take Littl'un there instead - it is free and all and has mummies!

Father's Day

Littl'un woke his dad up on Father's Day by singing on the toilet very loudly. And when his grumpy dad emerged from the bedroom he was greeted with "Happy Father's Day, Daddy - look I did a BIG poo!!!"

(This is all the more amusing as we all get in big trouble for waking Daddy up at the weekend, but these days he is up a lot earlier!)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hide and "seek"

Littl'un has no concept of the term "secret". Whenever there is a family birthday I have learnt not to tell him what we are giving people after he gave his nan a lovingly wrapped parcel and said "there you go nan, it's a bag". We wrapped his dad's birthday presents up one afternoon and the minute his dad came home he said "we've been wrapping your presents daddy!" and helpfully tried to show him where they were hidden! It is the same with hide and seek. He spends ages carefully thinking of where to hide something and the minute the other kids come in to find it he points and goes "there it is, under the beanbag!". He is either far too helpful or has decided life is too short to be wondering what things are or where they are hidden. With Father's Day coming up on Sunday there is a fine line between letting him choose a present and him squealing the minute he sees his dad. I might do the same to him next time he gets a present, that'll stop him! "Here you are son, it's a bike!".

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Long waiting time? Read some porn to take your mind off it!

In the doctor's waiting room, while we were whiling away 40 minutes, Littl'un spotted a pile of books on a table. They seem to have replaced the usual copies of Bella and OK magazine with porn! Well, Mills and Boons anyway. Littl'un picked up one and waved it around. On the cover was a scantily clad lady "wrestling" with a man with lovely long locks. "What's this called?" he asked cheerily?

"The Sex Files".

The cream of the NHS...

So I took Littl'Un to the doctors to ask about his peanut allergy. And the doctor's advice?

"Have you considered not giving him peanuts?"

Gee thanks doc, I would never have thought of that! And he refused to test him! I said "well we were told to get him tested as peanut allergies can be fatal" to which he said: "well a lot of things can be fatal".

At this point I gave up and went home!

Monday, June 14, 2010


I am so glad we didn't have facebook back in the days when I was on the dating scene. So many of the youngsters (get me - an old lady already!) are constantly "in a relationship" one day then "single" the next then "it's complicated" by the weekend. It makes my head spin! And for every status update about 30 people want to know all the details, who it is, what happened, how  you are etc. etc. And I think I know why so many relationships flounder so early on. Once your newly established and exciting romance has been announced, you know it is about to end once your paramour has made friends with your mother online and she is making sarcastic comments about your photos or lovey dovey comments to each other. It just isn't right! That's the problem with facebook, some things should be kept private or just between friends or just between family. You can't mix the different groups, it just doesn't work, and I am sure my friends (and especially my parents or possible future in-laws!) wouldn't have wanted to read all the lovely dovey schmoozing that my younger relations feel obliged to share these days! Just get a room, or for novelties sake, write a letter!

I've seen it all now!

A read of the Betterware catalogue put through our door yesterday is priceless! Almost as entertaining as the Residents Association Newsletter which sadly seem to have stopped now I come to think about it. Anyway, what with hubby being an electrician I found THE perfect Christmas present for him, something he would never have known he needed until he saw it - a magnetic wrist band to keep all his screws on!! That is so funny!! What man in general doesn't need a magnetic wrist band to keep all his metal things - cuff links, screws, can openers - really to hand whenever they are needed?!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Things not to do at nurseries...

March in at pick up time when it is full of kids and babies and announce "Look, this one has got chickenpox!" and wave the baby around like you just said it got A level maths already!! Stupid stupid woman. But considering the baby (probably about 4 months old) already had her ear pierced, I don't think the actual health of the baby is her first priority, more how much of an accessory the baby can be. The little thing has no chance.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Peanut butter

Yesterday Littl'un asked for peanut butter on toast like his dad. "All my friends at school have it too" he declared, and I know that was true as his friend had it in her sandwiches when they had a picnic together. "He's 3 now," I thought, "what can possibly happen?". He had the teeniest bite, declared he didn't like it, and refused to eat any more. Two minutes later he was complaining about a sore throat, cried himself to sleep, then woke up looking like Quasimodo and did a fine impression of the exorcist with sick.

So he won't be having that any more!

Britain's Got Poor Speling?!

So I caught the end of Britain's Got Talent to see Spelbound win the dosh. But it was marred for me. I kept thinking "look they've spelt their name wrong, how sad" and being generally irritated by poor spellingness instead of their gymnastic leaping about. And I am so sad that I looked this up on the old t'internet this morning and it turns out "Spelbound" is correct as it refers to where they train at Spelthorne Gymnastics Club. But who would know that?! And why detract from yourselves with a silly in-house reference that nobody will know about?! Honestly.

Poacher update!

Look I was right!

Be a poacher with a gun and everything!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Let's be poachers!

I've just seen an advert for Playmobil Safari. How lovely, you think, toy giraffes and elephants, and little jeeps to play with. Oh yes, and also poachers which you have to protect the animals from! I'm all for not hiding the bad things in the world from your kids when they are old enough to understand, but really, I think 5 years old is a bit young to be having lessons in how animals are illegally killed. What do you say when your kid says "mum, what's a poacher?"?! I just hope in these politically correct days of having to cover the viewpoint of everyone concerned to avoid being sued, you don't also get the option to play at being a poacher and get toy antelope heads to stick on your wall, and elephant feet to put your umbrellas in...

In broad daylight

The other day we saw two men breaking down a door on an empty house, and they didn't look like the owners. The next day two transit vans pulled up full of furniture and about twelve people moved in! The neighbours must be so happy. And when did squatting stop being done in the dead of night when nobody can see them?!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


On a discussion of what colour eyes baby babs is likely to have, someone who isn't actually related to him said "oh he will definitely have my eyes" - in all seriousness. What can you say to that?! Apart from "you are not related to me you idiot!!!"...sigh.