Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Facebook etiquette

So someone I know wanted to be my friend on Facebook. And I don't want to be but they are related so I can't get by just ignoring them. It is ruining my Facebook experience, I only added them 10 minutes ago and they are on all the time blocking updates from people I want to hear about! And I just know they will try and befriend half my friends on there and they will hate me! It just proves the virtual world is still beset with social awkwardness and having to be polite to people you really don't want to be polite to. Ho hum. I'll have to join another site now!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Winos and supermarkets

Bloody bloody supermarkets. Why do I keep going to them? Today, with it being Easter and all, I thought I'd treat myself to some wine. 3 for £10? Lovely. But the checkout woman was extremely ditsy and after checking everything else on the receipt at the store, lots of 3 for 2s, 2 for 1s, BOGOF's, it was only when I got home and unpacked that I noticed the wine offer hadn't worked and I'd been charged over £20!! £20!!! For 3 bottles of wine!! So Baby Babs was bundled back in the car and off we went to confront Customer Services Lady. It appears that in between me picking the wine off the shelf where it was clearly labelled 3 for £10 and getting to the checkout, they had taken the labels off and stopped the offer. The lady laughed "oh yes, they were just sorting the wine section out, sorry about that!". So this leads me to the question: "WHY DIDN'T THEY DO IT BEFORE THE STORE OPENED????!!!"

But she did give them to me for a tenner and I made her refund my second parking ticket. Damn them.

Saturday, April 04, 2009


So I've just noticed that I have started the last few blog posts with the word "So...".

Am I turning into a stand-up comedian?! I'll be telling you jokes about the mother-in-law next.


So my dad is coming to visit today, he lives oop north so comes down every couple of months or so. He doesn't even stay 24 hours, comes Saturday lunchtime, leaves after breakfast on Sunday. But this necessitates a thorough clean of the entire house (even the bedrooms which he doesn't even go in!), gardening (it's now raining), washing, ironing so it's not dumped on the table like usual, cleaning of Baby Babs and self. This all takes longer than his actual visit.

I am abnormal. Anally retentive even. Neither he or my husband even bloody notice.