Monday, September 24, 2012

Still don't like school!

A week later we have progress. Of a sort. Littl'un walked into his class without screaming or having to be carried in. He then looked at me sadly and went and sat down at a table with tears coursing silently down his cheeks. I think I preferred the screaming on the whole! He just looked resigned to his fate today bless him.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Don't wanna go to school today...

So the 2 year old started pre-school this week. 3 mornings a week, just to run around and play in messy things he isn't allowed to play with at home. His older brother was fine, went in without a problem when he started. No tears, nothing. Not this one. We have had tears every day, screaming and pleading not to leave him there, it's been a tough week! I thought he'd be fine, he's been asking to go to school for about a year already. I hope he gets used to it soon, you do start to wonder if the minute you leave they lock the kids in a cupboard or something when they really don't want to stay.

So for the 2 days a week he isn't at school I am making it REALLY boring, cleaning and shopping and stuff, in the hope he'll be running to school next week. Shame he enjoys a good polish really...