Thursday, March 24, 2011


So I think I have finally got wise to the wiles of mechanics. Our car had to go in for mot/service the other day and I know as I take it in with the kids they think they are on to a winner. For the second year in a row I got a phone call saying all this work had to be done "urgently" and then they quoted me a ridiculous price to do it all . Now we have no money I just laugh at them. If it passed the mot then the other stuff isn't that bad surely? I laughed at the man this time and said "write me a list and we'll do it over the next few months". At another garage. Funny as last year they told me the brakes were about to fail, it was REALLY IMPORTANT I get them fixed, but I forgot all about it and this year they didn't even mention them! Honestly. I have no trust in mechanics really, which is scary, I assume they are trying to make a fast buck on my naivety, but what if they were right and the car blew up when I was driving it?! It's a chance I'm willing to take!

Monday, March 07, 2011

If only I had my camera...

I persuaded Mr Babs to take the boys to a local park yesterday as it was the weekend and all. I didn't anticipate it would be quite as muddy as it was. But we persevered and made it round relatively mud free. Until we were about 10 metres from a nice clean path that led back to the car. Mr Babs decided to chase after Littl'un while carrying Baby Babs, slipped, did a very complicated body swerve to avoid landing on top of Baby Babs and then landed bum first in a big muddy puddle. It was hilarious! Luckily nothing was injured apart from Mr Babs's ego. But if only I had my camera ready, we could have definitely made £250 on You've been framed! Even with all the "well THAT was a good idea for an afternoon out" comments all the way home and the extra washing when we got there, it was so worth it!

I NEED a wee!!

Yesterday Littl'un went for a wee and discovered someone was already in the bathroom with the door locked. Instead of knocking and saying he REALLY needed to go, he just wee'd up the door instead. I had to applaud his efforts to make the best of a bad situation, perhaps he thought it would flood under the door and into the toilet!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Pretend Jacob has a birthday!

Yesterday Pretend Jacob had a birthday party. Littl'un pretended to invite his cousins, two friends from school, announced that "babies weren't allowed" (ie his brother) and they all had a party on the sofa. I asked how old Pretend Jacob was - he is 5 apparently. As Littl'un is only 4 this worries me, I thought they'd be the same age but Pretend Jacob actually has his own persona. I am a bit scared to ask what he looks like...

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Yesterday at tea-time Littl'un announced "Mum, you are the best cook in the world!". Bless him. He really has nothing to compare me to, which is a good thing!  In the night he also had a nightmare that he got lost and couldn't find me, he was really upset. He does love me! He drives me mad most of the time, but he's a sweetie really! And his little brother has taken to screaming really loudly to get any attention, I think he is going to be trouble...

Surviving the relatives

So I survived the visit from my Inappropriate Relative relatively unscathed. Typically as I was poised to strike, there was little in the way of inappropriate behaviour. I almost said something about telling the boys off - that is MY job! - but I think the death stares I resorted to (courtesy of the pill rage) did the trick very well. IR was very well behaved and we almost enjoyed the visit. One difference was that no alcohol was drunk, it made such a difference you wouldn't have believed it! I think that is the clue, if we have trouble next time I'm keeping an AA leaflet at the ready to hand out! It's also something to do with having to be the centre of attention, and this time no other relatives were involved so there was no-one to show off to. I am still ready to strike next time though!