Monday, January 11, 2010


So baby #2 arrived almost a month ago and it is so weird how different he is to his brother! He eats, then he sleeps, and that is about it. He only cries when his bum is changed or when he is hungry, and then he is fine. Me and Mr Babs keep thinking something is wrong, baby #1 cried a LOT of the time and we spent every night trying to get him to sleep (mostly unsuccessfully) for months. New littl'un gets fed and then goes to sleep no problems. It is either that we are a bit calmer having been there before and so the baby is calm, or baby #1 really wasn't very happy. Either way, it is nice to have it this way round, I would hate to have a lovely calm baby first then one from hell! And it makes me pleased that we actually braved having another one facing a repeat of what we went through the first time...

Though saying that, baby (well toddler) #1 is now a lovely happy little boy (most of the time) so I bet by the time #2 is his age he will have done a total about face and turned into real trouble!!