Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dress disasters

After years of wearing jeans and erm, jeans, I finally bought a dress. It is very pretty and I like it a lot. The first time we go out to a birthday party, I walk through the door and my friend is wearing the same dress. Crap. This comes of only shopping in supermarkets, soon everyone will be dressed exactly the same and there will be no other shops in the world...

And I will still be wearing jeans.


We discovered today that bubble mixture makes marvellous conditioner. This was after son #1 decided to pour his bubble mixture all over his brother's head. Once he had stopped screaming from the soap in his eyes, and his hair was sud free and dry, it was super soft and lovely! I might try that next time I wash my hair. Can I patent it do you think?

Really big inappropriateness...

And you know, I forgot the MOST inappropriate thing my Inappropriate Relative did recently. We had a family funeral and were just about to leave the house to go to it. In a room full of male relatives, a few women ones, and her 18 year old daughter, she came out with "does anyone else need a sanitary pad, I just gave one to Poppy". Not only mortifying all the men in the room, and grossing out the women, but her poor poor daughter! What an age to be paraded round the room for having your period. She might as well as put a big red cross on her top. But then every time we see her she has to mention periods. I tell Mr Babs that it is her way of telling him that she is still fertile if he feels like impregnating her. He isn't amused...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chilli peppers in awkward places...

We had the Inappropriate Relative down again. This time I thought we had got away without any offensive conversation. I did as I was putting the boy to bed. Hubby didn't. As he told me afterwards, with a look of horror in his eyes...

Chatting about cooking with chillies, Inappropriate Relative came up with this little gem. "Be careful when cooking with chillies, if you touch your eyes it hurts. It's even worse if you touch yourself DOWN THERE."

I cannot imagine what Mr Babs face looked like at this!! The poor man will have nightmares for weeks.


Does anyone want to rent my house out for an exorbitent fee while the Olympics are on? Only a 15 minute train journey to the games.

I am so sick of it already I'm moving to Timbuktoo for the duration.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Music for boys

So recently Littl'un has developed an interest in music, displayed by random dancing to adverts and humming when the radio is on in the car. His favourites so far are:

Foo Fighters - Walk (he calls this the Wee Wee Song as on the video someone wets their pants)
Neon Trees - Animal
Automatic - Monster
Killers - All the things I've done

It's hard to know what to play for him, this is basically my taste. Someone up the school said to buy him one of those awful Now compilations (must be up to 603 by now?!) but I don't know if I can stand years of listening to Beyonce or Justin Bieber. Oh he likes the Darkness too, but he knows that from the womb!

It is so sweet when he's sitting in the car and suddenly starts singing along and actually knows the words! Remind me of this when there is godawful music coming from his bedroom and I'm moaning about the guitar being played badly :)