Thursday, April 17, 2008

Let's all live in a cave

So, mortgages are sky high (if you can get one), food is getting ever more expensive, bills are increasing every month. It's so depressing. I am going to start my vegetable patch so we at least have something to eat! Potato and carrot soup every night for the indefinite future it is then. I did want to lose weight...

But apparently clothes are getting cheaper. Don't eat or use your electric, go shopping instead! It's warmer and you might get a nice jumper for when you go home.

Librarian in court shocker!

So it turns out that the person who has upset JK Rowling so much she dragged him to court was a school librarian. Typical! I can totally imagine the scenario, by the sounds of it he ran a bit of a geeky website all about HP, and some canny (or wily if you prefer) publisher saw it and thought "marvellous, easy money!" and suggested he publish it. Would you turn down the chance of publication if you had it? Apparently he said the publisher assured him that it was all fine and dandy and he'd be a billionaire within the year. But instead he's been dragged to court to be made to cry in public and his heroine now hates his guts. Poor sod. I am quite sure it was all innocent and he was just a super enthusiastic fan and now he's been made to look really evil to all the HP fans. Where would you hide? But I mean. He was a school librarian. How calculating could he have been really? I ask you.