Thursday, March 22, 2007


Ooh what a coincidence, after long periods of non-blogging, Lady Librarian and I decide to update within days of each other. She has been much more exciting since we last wrote but here's a few things I've done since my last post:

1. I had a little wee boy who has been calling the shots ever since he turned up. This is the first time I've managed to do more than send a couple of emails.
2. I've entertained (well they did the entertaining really) Lady L and Miss S a few times. Baby Babs has cried a lot at them, but he did look very fetching in the cardigan Miss S made for him.
3. That's it really.

But the main reason I am back is the Eurovision! Whoo! Is it really almost a year since Lordi triumphed? Last Saturday we had to decide who would represent the UK - I had high hopes as Justin Hawkins had entered. Sadly Morrissey changed his mind and backed out of it. Anyway, I hadn't heard JH's entry until the night and my god, it was bloody awful. Terrible. I was ashamed. Even Baby Babs had the good sense to cry throughout his "performance". But thankfully the Great British Public knew what they were doing and Scooch won. Baby Babs smiled and cooed throughout their performance, he knows his stuff that boy. I was cynical at first thinking they were rubbish, but actually they were great and me and Lady L will be making airline costumes and paddle scoreboards for our party. I swear I haven't been so excited for months when Lordi made a guest appearance at the end, I was hyperventilating and Mr Babs asked if I was still on gas and air. Roll on Eurovision!!