Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hide and "seek"

Littl'un has no concept of the term "secret". Whenever there is a family birthday I have learnt not to tell him what we are giving people after he gave his nan a lovingly wrapped parcel and said "there you go nan, it's a bag". We wrapped his dad's birthday presents up one afternoon and the minute his dad came home he said "we've been wrapping your presents daddy!" and helpfully tried to show him where they were hidden! It is the same with hide and seek. He spends ages carefully thinking of where to hide something and the minute the other kids come in to find it he points and goes "there it is, under the beanbag!". He is either far too helpful or has decided life is too short to be wondering what things are or where they are hidden. With Father's Day coming up on Sunday there is a fine line between letting him choose a present and him squealing the minute he sees his dad. I might do the same to him next time he gets a present, that'll stop him! "Here you are son, it's a bike!".

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