Monday, June 14, 2010


I am so glad we didn't have facebook back in the days when I was on the dating scene. So many of the youngsters (get me - an old lady already!) are constantly "in a relationship" one day then "single" the next then "it's complicated" by the weekend. It makes my head spin! And for every status update about 30 people want to know all the details, who it is, what happened, how  you are etc. etc. And I think I know why so many relationships flounder so early on. Once your newly established and exciting romance has been announced, you know it is about to end once your paramour has made friends with your mother online and she is making sarcastic comments about your photos or lovey dovey comments to each other. It just isn't right! That's the problem with facebook, some things should be kept private or just between friends or just between family. You can't mix the different groups, it just doesn't work, and I am sure my friends (and especially my parents or possible future in-laws!) wouldn't have wanted to read all the lovely dovey schmoozing that my younger relations feel obliged to share these days! Just get a room, or for novelties sake, write a letter!


  1. I'm glad you think so, too! I'm in college right now, and all my friends keep trying to get me and this guy in our group to get facebook, but we don't want it. I think it makes everything too public. With a blog, I tell what I want, and I don't have every single FaceBook Friend freaking out and asking for every detail. I think it would be smothering! Thank you for your opinions on the matter; it's nice to know someone agrees with me, and besides, we librarians have to stick together! ;)

  2. And yet you're still on there... ;) Leave it! embrace the freedom! Actually, on second thoughts, don't. Now I'm not using it anymore, you're my online spy. Stay, stay!

    Emmy - don't give in! Be strong!