Thursday, April 08, 2010

Who? What?

A sign that me and Mr Babs are SO out of it these days. We have been watching American Idol, but thanks to the miracle of recordable tv we have been fastforwarding all the ads and the rubbish bits (ie most of it!). I pressed play just when things were looking interesting to hear Ryan Seacrest announce "and here is a world premiere, we are so privileged blah blah blah ... it's Diddy Dirty Money!!!"

Me and Mr Babs looked at each other, I said "I've never heard of Diddy Dirty Money, must be a new band" and we both looked on in bemusement for about 2 minutes until we realised it was actually one time Puff Daddy, then Puff Diddy, then P Diddy, and now apparently just Diddy and the song was called Dirty Money!


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