Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I have noticed a new phenomenon recently. Skips. Back in the day, you hired a skip, and then spent every night paranoid that someone was going to fill it with all their crap, so you'd put a tarp on it, and hopefully fill it to the brim before the cover of darkness brought out the cheeky neighbours and their broken lawnmowers. But no more. Our neighbour has a skip, and literally every new day brings yet another transit van and someone fishing through the contents for things to take. The skip started out full and is half empty now, the good stuff is long gone but people keep looking! I might ask her if I can stick our broken crap in it now she has room, it definitely wouldn't stay in there long! There must be money in cruising round examining skips the amount of people doing it, I might stick the kids in the car and go on a forage myself :)

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