Monday, April 12, 2010

Cookery for glamour pusses...

I've been watching the new Sophie Dahl cookery program and it is the most bizarre thing. You find yourself watching it but after about five minutes you realise you have absolutely no idea what she is cooking but her kitchen is beautiful, she is wearing a lovely frock, and everything she cooks looks lovely! It's like food porn. I spent ages wishing I had her kitchen, then I realised it must be a studio - I always get fooled, I thought Nigella actually let a film crew in her house for ages, but Sophie's "kitchen" is much nicer, kooky pots and pans, little antiques, she uses antique looking cups to beat her eggs in...and apparently she stuffs her face with shepherds pies and cakes and stays very thin and glamorous too. I want her life! And Delia and Nigella must be kicking themselves!

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