Monday, February 13, 2006

So sue me!

I think I am mental. Over the weekend in my jet lagged state, I emailed the travel agents that took all our money and tried to ruin our honeymoon, hell I'm going to name names here - Thomas Cook - to tell them how great and Virgin Atlantic were this time round. This was because my unbridled joy at the smoothness of our trip made me realise how much I still hated TC, and I decided I wanted to tell them. I also emailed the others to tell them how much I hearted them.

But now I feel guilty. I don't want to check my email in case I have one from TC saying: "you are SO petty, get over it. We don't want your money anyway, and every holiday you book in the future we will be watching and try to ruin it. We have spies everywhere. We RULE the High Street".

Though if I have one from Richard Branson thanking me for my praise and offering me a free holiday on that island he owns, why, I'd be thrilled! You have to take the rough with the smooth baby!

Is this normal?


  1. No, your behaviour is far from normal. You are very different - just like everyboldy else.

    I have to say that I wouldn't expect a lady, and a librarian at that, of such high moral fibre to be using stigmatising language towards people with mental health problems! Your not mental, experiencing mental health problems, perhaps, definitely not mental though!! tut tut @ you little lady.

    Scottish librarians read

    Check it out! haha

  2. Hey it's cool, TC emailed to thank me for my comments, saying they like comments, good or bad. They don't seem to want to kill me or ruin the rest of my leisure time. Result. Or is this niceness a cunning ploy to soften my defences?...