Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cruise news

Well the dearth of celebrity gossip surrounding TomKat has been replaced by the most bizarre rumour mongering! Yesterday the paper ran a quote from Katie saying she knew she would end up marrying Tom as “her medium told her” she would. Uh oh? And today some mag claims they will split up as soon as baby Cruise is born. Where do they get these rumours from?! Some old friend of Katie, or some man who sat in the next booth to her at the diner, knows this for gospel truth? Though we all know Katie is just a machine for the future of Scientology, a pretty face with the right genes at the right time. So it wouldn’t surprise me if she was disposed of after producing the goods. But splitting up isn’t good for PR, wouldn’t she just “disappear” into obscurity instead? They already said she would give up films to look after young “Damien”, so she could be locked up in a huge nursery somewhere until everyone forgets about her. What was that film where the bloke had his mad ex-wife locked up in the attic?

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