Monday, February 27, 2006

The joys of online shopping

I have discovered the joys of online ordering for food. After spending over an hour the week before fighting through trolley jams, fat people standing in the middle of the aisles, and trying to find where the food had all been moved around to, I thought “That’s it!” and got on the computer. And it was a breeze. I found everything I wanted, lots of it was on offer, and they could deliver whenever I wanted.

Day of the delivery dawned and the van pulled up about 15 minutes into the delivery slot. The man was lovely, so lovely he almost stopped for tea, and the shopping was done! It was SO exciting; we unpacked the bags going “Ooh! Look! Teabags!” and “Ooh, mushrooms! Look!” like we hadn’t actually ordered it all ourselves. Everything we wanted was there, the only substitution was alcohol so that was fine. I can drink pretty much everything.

I’ve already started my list for next time! My life is so much easier now.

1 comment:

  1. Just wait 'til you get the idiot driver who can't find your house, doesn't bother ringing you for directions but just takes the food back to the supermarket. Or the substitutions made by crazy person "Hmm, they asked for vegetarian 'mince' but we don't have any, what shall I send? I know! Real mince! Yes, they'll love that."