Friday, February 17, 2006

Bo Selecta!

Sometimes something is so ridiculous it makes you want to laugh hysterically, cry and vomit at the same time. This came to my attention today. Craig David (aka The Most Boring Man in Pop) is the star attraction at a mobile phone convention. He has been waxing lyrical about how his mobile helps him with his music. He even compared himself to Sting:

“When I was out in Asia, I was on the bullet train travelling between two different performances. I felt inspired. It was my first time in Japan and I felt a bit like in the Sting classic an Englishman in New York. I took a picture of the bullet train and the people walking on, then stored that onto my phone and linked it to the song, got back to my studio, downloaded it and it put me right back into the moment”.

Bless him. I can imagine him sitting on the train humming little ditties into a voice recorder (“I’m Craig Daviiiid”…) then going to his “studio” (read “bedroom”) to hammer them out on a little bontempi keyboard.

And how uncool is it for any kind of musician to prostitute themselves to the big mobile phone companies? I bet he got some cool freebies, but at the expense of the rest of his reputation? And do you know anyone with a Craig David ring tone on their phone?

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