Monday, February 13, 2006

Be my Valentine?

My colleague (the one who is obsessed with bird flu and sudden death) has her birthday on Valentine’s Day. As did her predecessor. Weird. Anyway, that aside, she has decided that she wants to get married and Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to find herself a husband. She hasn’t got a boyfriend you see, and she has decided that she just wants to be married, never mind who to. And despite the possibility of sudden death at any moment, she still clings on to the romantic notion of marriage. She wants to leave her resume on the Enquiry Desk for any interested male library users (hey, she might be open to female such is her desire for wedded bliss). And oblivious to the slightly desperate vibes she is giving off, she is telling any man who stays at the desk long enough to listen. Poor girl, I don’t know why she is so fixated.

Apparently in Belgium they are doing speed dating in libraries, there is a definite market. It’s all based on what your favourite books are, and if you like someone you talk to you can arrange to meet them again – perhaps by leaving your phone number in a book? It would help the shy people, and give us librarians something else to moan about! All this lovey dovey stuff ain’t because of this in the news today. A survey claims that wedded bliss only lasts a year, then it’s all downhill till death/divorce. As I am only just over a week past the year mark, it makes me worry that I am going to wake up tomorrow morning miserable as sin and hubbie will take to sitting around in his dirty pants drinking beer and watching porn. Who commissions these surveys anyway? And who do they ask?! I’m sure it’s not all that bad, surely if you have married an idiot you would realise within the first couple of weeks? And then there’s the 7 year itch to look forward to. Honestly, are they trying to promote marriage or what?! There aren’t enough houses for everyone to be single!

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