Sunday, September 05, 2010

Dinner Date

A new program has hit daytime tv - Dinner Date. It's actually quite entertaining but a leetle bit unsettling. The premise? A singleton picks 3 out of 5 menus prepared by potential dates and then has 3 dates at their houses where they wine and dine them before picking their favourite date to take out for a meal and perhaps more! It is a cross between Come Dine With Me and Blind Date. But at times it seems to be a very old fashioned test of a partner's skills - how is the cooking? Is their house nice and clean and tidy? Did they provide drinks all night? Check! Next! The next series will be "Washing and ironing date" where the potential dates wash and iron the singleton's clothes and they judge them on the results. Then "Looking after children date" followed by a late night "Rumpy pumpy date". Hehe.

And how can you judge a potential partner by their cooking without even meeting them first? Surely it is the other way round, you meet someone you really like, then they make you burnt beans on toast for tea, then the romance fades away as fast as your appetite! If I was doing it, the sure fire way to a man's heart is steak and chips and lager for pudding. I'd definitely get picked :)

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