Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mr Ballooney / Mr Salsa (grrrr!)

So the other day I was a Very Good Mum and took Littl'un to the library where Mr Ballooney was doing "magic and a puppet show". He was actually quite funny, it was a little overwhelming for Littl'un who is a sensitive soul - he doesn't like girls and there were a lot of them, screaming "he's behind you" at Mrs Punch - but the promise of a balloon at the end kept him good. Anyway. It turns out that Mr Ballooney moonlights as Mr Salsa in the evenings, and in between making jokes he was trying to sign all the mums up to his salsa classes (every Thursday, except the first of the month - why I don't know, what would you find going on there if you turned up by mistake?!). It was very entertaining, the kids had no idea what was going on. But really. Once you've seen him as Mr Ballooney how could you take him seriously as a salsa teacher? I'd be expecting a balloon to pop out from his trouser pocket (stop that!) or Mr Punch to take over the lesson. The two just don't mix! And he was definitely flirting with one of the mums, he was a very cheeky Mr Ballooney!

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