Sunday, August 01, 2010

The death of romance

Mr Babs recently offered to take me out for a romantic meal. We haven't been out just the two of us since, erm, February 2009, I think! How sad is that?! Anyway, the trouble with having kids is that they usually kybosh any plans you have. Baby Babs #2 has decided recently that if he can't actually see or hear me he will go nuts. I left him with my sister-in-law when I went to the dentist, and he cried for the whole hour, then the minute I held him again he was all smiles. It's very nice at the time, it's nice to be wanted, but does this mean I can never go out without him again?! 

Instead of the romantic meal, where both of us would be sitting waiting for the phone call to rush home again, all four of us went to the dogs and I shared a bowl of chips with Littl'un. All hope of romance is dead. Unless you count Mr Babs making me a shandy when the kids are in bed! It's very depressing really, but in about 5 years or so we might be able to go out alone! Hell we might even get a weekend away!

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