Sunday, August 08, 2010

"You want a GIANT trampoline?" Yes please!

I got my freecycle comeuppance yesterday!! After failing in a couple of attempts to get free stuff off people - I missed out on a microwave rice steamer which I was very upset about - I finally thought my luck was in when I was offered a kids trampoline I had said I would like. I was surprised I got it, but really excited. I picked it up yesterday and Mr Babs put it together. Unfortunately it is 12ft and takes up the whole of the garden! In fact, it doesn't even fit on the lawn it is so big, it is currently on our patio right outside the door and you can't get past it easily! Littl'un and his dad really love it - Mr Babs even went on it in the rain yesterday and the neighbours all looked at him like he was mad! It is such a shame it is too big, we can't keep it, but Littl'un can have it for a few days.

They say you never get anything for free, but we got LOTS of trampoline! That'll teach me to be greedy! And it also explains why they didn't get many people wanting it, I didn't realise quite how big a 12ft trampoline would be, maybe I should brush up on my maths!

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  1. Haha a giant trampoline DOES sound like fun, though...