Monday, September 27, 2010

New shoes!

Littl'un starts school next week and we went out and got him some new shoes this morning. Then he wanted to try his uniform on. Bless, he looks so grown up but so little!! He is so proud of his new shoes, it's a shame they won't last the first morning without getting scuffed. I looked at mummy shoes while we were in there, there are some beautiful shoes around at the moment. But all VEEERRRRYYY expensive! £79.99 for some boots?! £69.99 for some shoes??!! Man, those days are LONG gone, and I don't think I would have paid that if I was a millionaire anyway! My £6 bargain trainers will have to do the winter.

Just call me Scrooge...

1 comment:

  1. Don't feel bad, "Scrooge". I totally understand. If I can get a pair of shoes for under $30, then I'm just thrilled beyond belief. And I try to keep my shoes looking as nice as possible, so that way, they'll last longer. I've had my favorite pair of brown casual shoes for going on four years!