Monday, September 06, 2010

The Post Office - a rant

So it was my birthday last week, less booze and high heels and more dirty nappies this year, but it was very nice anyway. One blot was that I didn't get a card from my dad. I went through all the options - he decided he hated me and hadn't sent a card, he forgot, it got lost. I steeled myself to ask him if he had sent one to which he cheerily said "oh yes and it had cash in it, didn't you get it?" Of course I never bloody got it. And this year I really could have done with the money. He usually sends a cheque. Why in the name of god did he decide to put cash in it?

To people not familiar with the Post Office of the United Kingdom, these days you cannot trust it with anything of value. Tickets for concerts, cheque books, money, presents not sent by recorded post - in fact anything that takes the fancy of the person entrusted with it. Mr Babs bought some tickets to a horse racing venue the other month and the only options were the normal post or collection on the day. We didn't even consider the post. Whenever I post anything I have little faith it will get where it is supposed to. Some postmen even just decide they can't be bothered to actually post the mail and leave it in their car or dump it somewhere. Do they not vet postmen these days?! Apparently messing with the post is a criminal offence but that never stops them. I am so cross. I do mourn the days of writing letters and getting mountains of post but these days email is so much more reliable. Imagine if you wrote a love letter to someone and they never replied as they never got it, but they thought you were ignoring them and you thought they were ignoring you. I could have fallen out with my dad as I thought he'd forgotten my birthday!

I am going to complain, I know it won't get me anywhere, but it might make me feel better. Hopefully next year Dad won't be so silly! Ha by next year the Post Office might even be no more and we'll be back to messengers who run up and down the country for a fiver :)


  1. I'm sorry :(

    Happy belated birthday, though!

  2. Thanks! That's ok, it just makes me super cross that the people entrusted with the post feel they can just help themselves! I might as well just give my letters to some random person - the chance of them getting to their destination would be pretty much the same!