Monday, September 20, 2010

Fact or fiction?

We watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie last night, despite my initial scepticism after reading some reviews it was actually really good. Well anything with Robert Downey Jr in it gets my vote anyway! After it finished, Mr Babs asked how they knew so much about Sherlock Holmes, and I said "well it's all in the books" and we proceeded to have an argument about whether Sherlock was originally a real detective in London. Mr Babs couldn't understand how the address in Baker Street could be so famous and have people visiting it if it wasn't real. I had two words for him. "Harry Potter". That shut him up! But he had real trouble understanding how a book could have so much influence that a fictional address in a story could take on a real life of its own - Sherlock even has his own museum in Baker Street now! But Harry Potter has gone one better - a whole theme park no less. It is interesting though, I wonder in the future how many people will think Harry Potter was real? Or is he?!

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