Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Liar liar

Littl'un has developed a new habit recently. Lying. I have no idea why, and most of the time I can tell, but yesterday I couldn't and it's worrying. He was at his cousin's house and came home crying, his aunt said that he punched his cousin and admitted it and said sorry. When she left I asked what happened. He swore blind that he hadn't hit him, but it was the other way round. This was more plausible as his cousin can be a leetle (well a lot) violent, so I was inclined to believe him, but something niggled. So a while later I said "so why did your cousin hit you then?" to which Littl'un said "well he hit me first" - and I was all "A-ha!! You did hit him then!" - caught out in the end! 

It's no good though, we have explained loads of times that lying is much worse than whatever it was that he did, and he always agrees wholeheartedly but continues to lie. 3 years old and dishonest?! He'll be in the nick by 5 at this rate!

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  1. My little cousin has a habit of lying, too, but her lies are completly outrageous...like once we were at the playground, and she insisted several times that she was the only who knew about the "secret passages" on the jungle gym (on her first time there)...because SHE HAD BUILT IT! She's seven! And when we ask her about it, she doesn't say that she's playing a game, but insists this to be truth. At least Littl'un knows how to make believeable lies :P