Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rock n' roll

So the Priory is the new PR stunt for rockers? Pete Doherty, Justin Hawkins and now Tom from Keane have all signed themselves up. God help the poor other people in there who have real problems. It'll be karaoke every night, singalongs around the piano, presumably not in the bar though. I love the Darkness, but the idea of being in the Priory after paying shedloads for the privilege and ending up in a self help group with a self-obsessed rocker would piss me off. I'd be there having to admit I'm an alcoholic and open up my darkest secrets to complete strangers, then in the middle of it Justin pipes up with "ooh that gives me a great idea for a song, la la la..." and whips his notebook out. They'll all write touching memoirs of their time for the newsrags (Pete Doherty for the nth time, a bit like his prison diaries but less angsty), and sell more records, and feel a bit more "rock". But it is hardly Hendrix choking on your own vomit rock is it? Or Keith Richards falling out of a tree while stoned out of your head rock?

And I bet they aren't addicted to anything rock. It'll be coffee and fig rolls, or milk, cheese and Gaviscon that are their demons! Or Rennies! They are SO addictive! Rock!!

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