Thursday, August 10, 2006

Drunken sots

All my illusions have been shattered now. Robin Williams is in rehab for alcohol abuse. Mel Gibson is also a raving (and swearing) alcoholic apparently. I thought they were the two Nicest Men in Showbiz. Bless, they always seemed so nice. Well, I suppose that in 1 Hour Photo, Robin Williams was a bit off from his usual nice films and quite scary, and the bizarre films Mel has been making recently should have given it away. But it's like finding your dad has a secret porn collection. Or that your brother wears women's clothes and wears mascara better than you do. Lovely Mel, lovely lovely Mel. How touchingly he portrayed destitute husbands in Mad Max and Lethal Weapon - why did something horrible always happen to his wives?! - and cute little Robin - Flubber, Peter Pan etc etc. It just goes to show the secrets hidden beneath the smiles for the camera. Evil booze that's what it is!!

They'll be telling me that Hannibal Lector loves puppies and bakes cookies next (hee hee, not puppy cookies I hope!), and that Evil Severus Snape (aka Alan Rickman) visits old people on his time off.

(I think the line between reality and fiction is blurring a little here...)

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