Saturday, August 05, 2006


I don't know if it's me getting older or maybe just maybe adverts are getting worse. Honestly, some of the current ads make me want to hurl things at the tv or the radio. Ad men really aren't checking their audiences nowadays. My pet radio hate is Autoglass. They fix your windscreen for you if it's busted. Which is a Good Thing and people ought to be aware of them. But they picked THE most boring man in the world to talk about it, called Gavin, and then gave him about 5 minutes of airtime to drive his listeners to do things they normally wouldn't. He makes Mr Bean sound like an amazing conversationalist and after the 100th time of hearing it I almost want to write to the radio authorities and complain of cruelty to listeners.

On the tv, an ad for a fabric softener is so so bad it makes me want to hurl. A stupid lady is getting ready for a date, but her clothes are "so soft and smooth" she can't decide what to wear and would obviously spend the evening poncing round her bedroom instead of drinking lots of wine at a restaurant. But this isn't the worst of it. Her obviously caring boyfriend (or girlfriend, hey who knows?! But I suspect a girl wouldn't put up with that shit) phones several times to be fed a whole heap of lies (LIES!!) - "ooh I'm just leaving...I'm stuck in traffic...oh now I'm stuck in roadworks!" - by the hussy. Then about 2 hours late she decides she is ready. But she's wearing the worst outfit I've ever seen. I can only hope her poor date saw the advert and dumped her ass. Grr. And it doesn't make a good case for relationships, apparently if you use certain products you have carte blanche to lie blatantly to your other half and leave them standing like a lemon in a bar for hours. Relationships should be based on honesty not lying sirens whose only positive quality is that their clothes smell nice!

I know they're only adverts, but after the 77th time of seeing them I take issue with the actors personally for making me suffer so much, and if I saw them in the street, who knows?! Being able to blame your hormones for everything is great!

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