Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mine's bigger than yours...

I have discovered a new phenomenon: competitive mothers. Today me and Mr B wandered into Mamas and Papas, a VERY pricey baby things shop. We just nipped in to gasp at the prices mainly. And the blandness of the extremely expensive stuff. It was all beige!! If we won the lottery next week I still don't think I'd buy anything from there, unless my house was having an all neutral theme. Anyway, back to my point. I think I had half noticed this before, but in this shop I couldn't miss it. Other women stare at your midriff blatantly to see if their bump is bigger than yours. Then, as at the moment most of them are, I've only just started looking pregnant rather than chubby, they look very smug and carry on walking past you. The rude beggars!! I might go in next week with a cushion rammed up my top and show them!

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