Thursday, April 06, 2006

A tale of hen night horror...

Talking of hen night related things, my boss just told me this horror story. A girl at work has to go to a hen do in a few weeks, but it starts with pole-dancing lessons in the afternoon (I dread to think what follows in the evening). They have been told to wear high heels and shorts. As if this wasn't bad enough, another girl at work has actually been on one of these pole-dancing things (don't ask, these people are in other departments, I don't associate with them usually) (and I didn't realise this was so popular, I thought pottery classes were the in-vogue hen entertainment at the moment). It was in a room above a bar. When she went through the bar to go upstairs she thought the bar was unusually full of men for mid afternoon and there wasn't even any football on. Turns out that their pole-dancing exploits were being broadcast on a big screen down below in the bar. They didn't know until afterwards.

Librarians on hen nights are a different breed. We go to shelf stacking lessons and turn up in twin sets and pearls.

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