Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Hen Night (Part 2)

So Lady L has FINALLY got round to blogging about her hen night! Fills in a few blanks I must say. Including my failed attempt at haranguing the miserable DJ at the club to play some tracks for me. He didn't even bother to speak to me but pointed at a pen and paper where people were supposed to write their requests down. There was a slight problem with this. Being a trifle tipsy, writing was beyond me. I could just about say "Play the Darkness and Audioslave please Mr DJ, hey, no-one's dancing anyway!" but written down this came out in a scrawl across the page as "Dark...slave..."

If for some genius reason the Darkness and Audioslave did decide to become one (imagine my delight!) they would obviously call themselves Darkslave. Or DarkSlave. Grr. "Audioness" just doesn't work rock fans.

Lady L, I really didn't ask him to play Orson. But I did dance to it. I apologise. Their new song is rubbish. My Orson phase is officially over.

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