Monday, April 03, 2006

Lady Librarian's hen night is a'comin...

...and I am SUPER excited! We are going drinking, dancing and staying out ALL night. I've even got the day off this week to find a fabulous outfit to wear. But it also makes me kind of sad. I haven't been dancing since my hen night, which was over a year ago. I love dancing. Why did I stop? Why don't I dance in my front room instead? It's great for the old figure too. Back in the days when I didn't have to get up at some godforsaken hour to go and earn a wage I went out dancing 3 or 4 nights a week. I was so skinny. Legs that won the "best legs on campus" at my university halls. Well I did wear bovva boots too which is akin to wearing weights strapped to your ankles. I want them back.


  1. Oh, staying up all night are we? Remember the last time we tried that, at Reading? I seem to remember we were both asleep by 1am, and that was a good three years ago!

    Don't believe her readers, we'll all be tucked up in our hotel beds with a nice cocoa by 8.30pm :)

  2. I said staying out all night not staying up! Not going home. But you have just wrecked my rock n'roll image totally. Thanks!