Thursday, April 13, 2006

Shop till you drop

Today I had cause to be stuck in Stevenage for over two hours whiling away the time. “What shall I do?” I thought, “two hours is a long time”. “Fear not!” said my fairy godmother, “you shall be entertained for hours just by one place, and you will wish you had more time”. “What could this place be?” I cried, “to entertain for hours and hours, I cannot think of such a place!”

It was Asda.

I kid you not. It was the first shop I saw, and I mainly went in for a cup of tea and a sit down. But I was in there for the whole time, I never got bored, and I had to stop for another tea break half way through. I wonder if it is possible to live in a supermarket for any period of time. I am sure it is. You can buy your food, be entertained by books and stationery, you can even write letters and post them in the store. You can watch DVDs on the big screens in the entertainment section. You can try clothes on for hours, hell you could buy a change of clothes a day. You can eat like a king. You can plan your garden in the gardening section. You can even pull a member of staff if you are so inclined and strike up an unlikely romance in the aisles. You can go on the internet. You can stack shelves if you feel like some exercise.

For a few lonely hours it was paradise. Today Asda, tomorrow Tescos…

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