Sunday, April 23, 2006

St George's Day

It's St George's Day today. I woke up to a street full of flags hanging out of windows. One house had 4 flags, one in each window, which was a little scary. I never realised our street was so patriotic. It makes me a little bit proud. This would be the kind of street that had street parties back in the war, everyone sat at trestle tables waving bunting around and talking about the person up the road who's got one of those "television" things in their house. Hubby and brother-in-law (who got up super early to get his flag out before everyone else) are so patriotic they've gone off to the pub in their England tops, chests puffed out, to have a patriotic pint or seven. Then they will probably have a patriotic fight and get kicked out of the pub. Proper Englishmen they are!

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