Thursday, March 16, 2006

There's a ghost in my house

One thing that wasn't on the survey when we bought the house was the ghost. Our house has a gooseberry in spectral form. Now I am sure that the ghost isn't malevolant and we don't mind it at all really. But when it tries to make me think I'm going crazy it just ain't right and I am going to have it out with the ghost and establish some AUTHORITAY! Oh yes.

So what evidence have I got for this ghost? First of all the stereo in the bedroom started switching itself on in the middle of the night. Then every time I went in the room the stereo was on. I ended up putting the volume on minimum just in case it happened in the day when we were out. And it did. I even moved the damn thing, thinking it was coz it was too close to the radiator and heat does funny things to electrical equipment you know. No change. One time hubby swore that it was actually switched off at the plug.

And things have gone missing. To date I have lost a bag full of necklaces, two pairs of scissors, a kitchen spoon thing that picks pasta up, and the lining off my coat hood. Maybe it's the Borrowers?

Then as the stereo and petty theft wasn't affecting us too much, the ghost moved to the lounge. And every Sunday without fail, it changes channels on the tv. It has happened on other days, but Sundays you can guarantee it. The remote control is usually on the floor, or on the desk, not even pointing at the tv. And it doesn't even change the channel to anything good, usually the premium "pay lots of money to watch them" movie channels or the Antiques Roadshow. This makes me suspect the old lady who lived here is our ghost. Why is she not at peace? Does she not approve of us living here? Or is it that she does approve and is just teasing us?

I am not mad.

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