Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'd like to withdraw ALL your money please Mr Security Man.

What is going on with all the money being stolen at the moment? Since the £53 million was nicked, loads of Securitas depots and vans have been robbed. A plane in Sweden was robbed too! It's like the audacity of nicking £53 million made all the other crims go "whoo, it looks dead easy to make a quick buck, let's nick a tractor and go make ourselves rich". And ironically they usually have so far. It makes me suspicious. Either it's all the same people and they need MEGABUCKS for some dastardly scheme, or it's rival gangs who are competing with each other. Or they're trying to take the heat off the big money by making the cops investigate lots of little robberies in a cunning red herring type strategy.

Or the robbers found out that Securitas were a big bunch of frauds not guaranteed to look after our money at all, with very little security around to stop them. Hell they probably had the money lying around piled up in a big room and they spend all their days bellyflopping into it and giggling. Not likely to stop your more serious criminal mind. Not one with a tractor anyway.

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  1. If this bellyflopping pastime of Securitas staff is true, I am immediately changing profession.