Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'm sorry do you think this is a doctor's?!

So maybe I was a tad too quick to declare my love for my new doctors. It was the new patients interview with the nurse this morning, she did the usual height and weight checks, asked how much we drank (think of a number, halve it...), asked if we smoked (of course not, the odd drunken social fag doesn't count) etc.

I started to worry a bit the third time she mentioned how hard it was to get an appointment at the clinic. She told hubby that he'd have to see his doctor before they can give him any insulin. This is quite important. So we asked for an appointment at reception. The next appointment is in May. May?! May!! It's March 21st today. What would happen if you were really sick? "If you're not better in a month and a half, come and see us"? Luckily being the marvellous wife I am, I had anticipated this and ordered shed loads of medicine from his old doctors. Which should keep us afloat in insulin. Unless at the actual appointment they then say it will take another 3 months to set up the repeat prescription...

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