Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My useless work colleague

Now I said I wouldn't swear lots about this person and I won't, but in the past couple of days work bitching with my more useful colleagues (it's the best way to get through the days) has come up with some gems:

On a general ability to help anyone. Period:

"Why don't we replace her with a cardboard cut-out. It would be more efficient and at least we could put a sign on it saying "I'm sorry there is no-one here at the moment who can help you"? "

On hearing Ms Useless is approaching a significant milestone in life:

"Well it just proves that fat people don't show their age"

"Well at least she's a year nearer retirement"

I am sure that crying with laughter at the Enquiry Desk would be frowned upon by the Great Librarian in the Sky, but sometimes it just has to come out.

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