Monday, June 27, 2005

Washed out

So Glastonbury has been washed away by tidal waves and plagues of locusts. Oh dear. Those poor old posh people slumming it for the festival won't like getting their Jimmy Choos wet. If any bright spark set up a stall selling wellies (ideally pink with diamante accessories) they'd be well in. I went to Reading a few years ago with Lady Librarian and it was great. We only got soaked on the Friday night and sensibly we had packed our doc martens and parkas so we were ok. Our tent certainly didn't float away anyway! Why do people who go camping always assume it's going to be lovely weather and never pack for every weather extreme? This is Britain after all. And most people now seem to drive, so if you have a car you can pack everything you own and leave it in the boot just in case. I would. I might even sleep in it (especially if I get a bed in the back from Pimp my Ride).


  1. Lady Librarian would just like to point out that she DOES NOT own a parka. It was a pac-a-mac in bright yellow, which we all know is more chic.

    And Booky B, I think you'll discover that once it starts to rain at Glasto, EVERY stall sells wellies. I brought mine at a milk stall :)

  2. I'm delighted you hit on a way to keep blogging, and with this batch you've outdone yourself. Brava!