Thursday, June 30, 2005

The scariest group in the world just came into my library.

So, I just walked into the library and spotted a man lurking by the Dictionary of National Biography. My first thoughts were "who is that weirdo and is he supposed to be in here?" Initial Librarian instincts are always defensive, from "switch that mobile phone off", to "take that three course meal out of here", to the best one in members-only libraries – "are you a member and if not how dare you walk through our portals of learning". But then in walked another 4 or 5 equally weird looking people, some of them female. At this point I started to get a bit worried. Weird things have been happening this week, pictures that have been hanging on walls quite innocently for decades have suddenly fallen off and smashed, the elastic band holding our calendar on the wall up (hooked over a drawing pin too before you ask) snapped, and there have been mysterious drafts. I’m thinking restless spirit here, though I haven’t heard of anyone dying here recently. But I digress. So, big bunch of weirdo’s – who are they and what are they doing here?! Turns out they are archivists. They’ve come to "do lunch" with our archivist – and I’ve never seen a scarier sight. They made librarians look positively normal. Sorry to any normal archivists out there, I’m sure there are some, and I know lots of weird librarians too. What would you call a group of archivists? I know a group of librarians is a shelf (or a trolley depending on if they’re in the pub at the time) – hmm, maybe a mould of archivists?

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