Monday, June 27, 2005

The miracles of Word

Ooh I've got so much to rant about, I'll be here for a while. Thanks for the messages of support btw, it's good to know some people out there read my inane rantings! Thanks to the miracles of Word, at the moment I can write it all offline and then hopefully load it all up quickly once a week. At least I won't need to see a therapist. So, Tom Cruise. Today I heard that he bought Katie a phone and when she discovered it had a tracking system in it (yes a TRACKING SYSTEM!), he blithely announced that it was so he would know she was safe at all times. Controlling freakazoid anyone?! Now I have no love for Katie Holmes either. Contrary to the general opinion when Dawson's Creek ruled television, I found Joey really really annoying. All that dithering and mithering on about Dawson or Pacey, Pacey or Dawson. Spare me. But to be turned into a smiling idiot and stalked by Scientology nuts just by her bad choice in men seems a little unfair. Hey I've been stalked, he was only a librarian not some multimillionaire, but it's no fun.

My new choice of rant that will probably keep me going for some while, though mostly in my head as I can't get to my blog often enough, is my "new house". Out of the blue, like a miracle from the skies, has come a house that is for sale, is lovely, and that we can afford. Well for "afford" read "take all our money to the last penny and keep us up to our necks in debt for 30 years" but at least it'll be ours. So we've had our offer accepted, have started all the legal shenanigans, and I'm hoping for the best (but also quietly convinced it will all fall through so am living the dream while I can) - but I think the stress is only just beginning. I must be a sadist to agree to this. What's wrong with renting? You can move when the roof starts leaking or at least shout at your dodgy landlord to fix it. Now there's a theme for a rant - dodgy landlords I have known!

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