Monday, November 01, 2010

Child free weekend

So for the first time ever Littl'un went to spend the weekend at his grandparents. He said he wanted to go, I was convinced that at the last minute he would turn round and refuse to go. He didn't, he barely even waved as he was transported off in the car, so bothered was he at leaving his mother behind. He spent two days being thoroughly spoilt and said he didn't want to come home. For our part, we got our first uninterrupted lie-in since he was born, his little brother obligingly slept in too, and we all had a very peaceful non-shouty weekend. Baby #2 revelled in being able to crawl around doing whatever he wanted without being told he couldn't, I revelled in being able to sit on the sofa for longer than 2 minutes without being forced to get up, and Mr Babs was much the same as usual really. It really made me think, not that I don't want Littl'un around, and we did miss him, but kids that can actually speak are a lot more trouble than ones that can't. If you could stop them growing any bigger than about 18 months that would  be lovely, when they are all cute and saying "mama" and a few other words, but they can't actually argue with you. Is that possible?!

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