Sunday, November 07, 2010


I advertised a baby seat on Freecycle today, it wasn't good enough to sell really but I thought somebody might make use of it. Freecycle is supposed to be a way of passing things on that you don't need anymore to someone who can make good use of it. Like I did with the giant trampoline. For a while. Anyway I got one response from someone who said they would really like the seat for their baby - and I immediately suspected ulterior motives! This person is on the site quite alot, they offered a dead cactus the other month - and the impression I got of them was not of someone that had just had a baby. More a loner who never goes out, is quite old, and likes collecting things (like dead plants). So I'm thinking "what do I do? do I let them have it?" - but really, what do I care what they do with it? They will come and collect it and take it off my hands, and it saves me a trip to the tip! Even if they are a weirdo who wants the seat for their pet poodle, hey, it takes all sorts!


  1. Sounds like a real creeper! Yikes. So, did you give them the seat after all?

  2. Yeah I did in the end, and he was really sweet!! He was knackered from having a 2 week old baby which may explain the weird messages, and I feel bad now for assuming he was a weirdo!! It's a wonder I have any friends - I am so quick to judge people sometimes!!