Monday, November 15, 2010

Pretend Jacob

Littl'un announced yesterday that he has a new friend. He is called "Pretend Jacob". This is a bit odd. I am all for imaginary friends, I'd even set a place at the table for one, but the way Littl'un calls him "pretend" means that he knows he isn't real too! Isn't that the point of imaginary friends, you think they are real?! The poor Fox has been relegated now Pretend Jacob has turned up. Pretend Jacob has more manners though, it appears that the Fox does all the naughty stuff like eating all the food and behaving badly (and he is even blamed for farting!) - while Pretend Jacob gets to do all the fun stuff. Although he has to live in the loft. I wonder if Littl'un will develop a  different "friend" for all the different bits of his personality? Looks like we're off to visit "Pretend Child Psychologist"!

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