Thursday, November 18, 2010

Royal weddings

So the other day there was an announcement that Prince William had proposed to his girlfriend of about 50 years and they would be getting married next year. Lovely. You would have thought that then they would have moved on to other stuff that was happening in the world. But oh no. This announcement meant the tearing up of the tv schedules so rabid reporters could spend the day going over and over and over the "exciting" news. I was fed up of hearing about it by lunchtime. They even cancelled Bargain Hunt! I bet the Queen wasn't happy! By 10pm the news had a 45 minute special before mentioning any, erm, actual news. It was totally ridiculous. They had reporters camped outside everywhere that had a tiny bit of significance to the story. I was waiting for "Mr Smith who once served William in Greggs" to come on screen to tell us the Prince's favoured choice of pasty.

It is so hypocritical too, we moan about the Royals, how much they cost us, and then there the press are fawning over them like bloody stalkers! And how much is this wedding going to cost? We're all broke, having our money wrested from us so we have less and less money to buy things like nappies every month and they expect us to be happy for the ridiculous amounts they are going to spend? They should get married in a registry office in Clapham, that'd show the rest of us how "down" they are with their public!

And that was only the engagement annoucement. God help us when it's the actual wedding...

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